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At HK Technolab we have the most experiences Node.Js developers at cost-effective rates than the Market.

We have a team of Node.JS developers who are well-qualified in the field, are remarkably skilled and most workaholic. They are 100% committed towards their work thus providing you the most exceptional solution for website development.

features of node.js

With the development and launch, Node.js has become the first choice of software developers. All the libraries and APIs of Node.js are asynchronous meaning the server waits for the API to return the data. Node.js libraries are built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, this is fast in code execution. The fast code execution makes the applications never buffer any data. Node.js uses a single threaded program and it can provide service to a much larger number of requests than traditional servers like Apache HTTP Server.

why hire a dedicated node.js developer form HK technolab?

  • Hire a dedicated Node.JS develop from a pool of professionals.
  • Streamlined designing process.
  • Our well-qualified team of engineers tend to meet all your requirements.
  • Ensuring a great services at minimal cost.
  • Profitable solutions and time-bound delivery.
  • Smart administration of all your business needs.
  • All round support from the developers.
  • Convenient access to wide-range of Node.js experts with diverse skills-sets.

advantages of hiring node.js developer form HK technolab

  • Flexible work shifts according to your time zone.
  • 24/7 Customers service
  • A dedicated project manager to understand your project
  • We read through your requirements
  • Client friendly manuals
  • Daily, weekly and monthly updates on your project
  • Dedicated communication via email, call and other means

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  • RESTful Web Services
  • Structuring Business Logic
  • Realtime data analytics
  • Socket services


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Hire dedicated Node.js developer at your convenience, work requirements, and your designing goals with cost-effective models.


  • Hours – 8 Hours, 1 Day
  • Communication Methods – Call, Skype, Hangout, Email
  • Payment Interval – Minimum 20 hours
  • Holidays – Weekends, major Indian Festivals


  • Hours – 8 Hours, 5 Days
  • Communication Methods – Call, Skype, Hangout, Email
  • Payment Interval – Per Month
  • Holidays – Weekends, major Indian Festivals


  • Hours – 8 Hours, 22 Days
  • Communication Methods – Call, Skype, Hangout, Email
  • Payment Interval – Per Month
  • Holidays – Weekends, major Indian Festivals


We ensure you the updates, and all the latest trends you get the most well designed website and a mobile application.
Committed Developers At Your Service

Get in touch with the most workaholic team of Node.js developers working to make your every ounce count.

Low Cost Than The Competitors

We are very transparent in our billing and payment system. Just monthly fees and no hidden charges.

Stay Connected

We have a dedicated Project manager available through email, phone, skype and every possible mode of communication.

Work Environment

We strictly follow the work ethics and build in client’s trust. Our flawless work environment satisfies every customer’s need.

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